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Nov 19, 2013 8:00pm PST
in massachusetts 98.5% of massachusetts citizens have health insurance. this is the same system. >> thanks very much to both of you. we appreciate it. >>> now bad news for tesla motors, now the target of a federalivation because the national highway traffic safety administration said today it's launching an investigation into why two of the company's model s vehicles have caught fire this year. according to reports the fires began when the battery casing cracked open. it's just the latest p.r. nightmare for tesla, which once was just a company that cowl do no wrong. last week actor george clooney got involved, telling "esquire" magazine i was one of the first cats with a tesla. but i'm telling you i've been on the side of the road awhile in that thing. i said to them, look, guys, why am i always the guy on the side of the road. tesla ceo responded to clooney said in other news george clooney reports that his iphone 1 had a big back in 2007. that's little different than a car blowing up. the company is changing its warranty to cover damage done to fire even if due to driver error. according to e
Nov 8, 2013 4:00pm PST
as senator from massachusetts. do we assume this isn't just john kerry talking? this is coming out of discussions he might have had with the kennedy family? >> i don't think we can make that assumption. i think you answered your own question which is kerry is not average joe. he is the secretary of state, former senator from massachusetts. it carries a lot of weight. to rebut his point, there is no science that shows he was hit from the right front. all the science if you read gerald posner's book which is the definitive account, shows he was hit from the back and it was the reflexive reaction that his head was forced back. the science shows that he was hit from behind with two bullets. not hit from the front. not hit from the grassy knoll but from the depository. >> may i reapply in. >> i don't want to get into an argument over right front versus back. it sounds like from the two of you, we'll never know. >> well, posner's book was publish in the 1988 and this book came out since then. >>> posner's back was ten years ago at the 40th anniversary and all the sign has shown over and
Nov 19, 2013 4:00pm PST
this work. it can work and it worked in massachusetts in 98% of the citizens have health insurance. this is the same system. >> thanks very much to both of you. we appreciate it. we look forward to your feedback. now bad news for tesl motors. it's the target of an investigation. this is an investigation why two of the models caught fire this year. according to reports it started a fire when the battery case cracked up. tesla once a company that could do no wrong. last week actor george clooney told "ed square" i was one of the first cats with a tesla but i'm telling you i've been on the side of the road for awhile with that and guys, why am i always stuck on the side of the f-ing road. anyway, tesla is not only relying on snack ki tweets but covering the warranty covering damage done. we believe in the safety of our car is correct and this is a minor cost and this is wrong and the right thing is for tesla to bear the cost, not the buyer. 35%, which is how much tesla's shares shrank since the high at the end of september. musk isn't worried about investors are. this still is still t
Nov 20, 2013 4:00pm PST
to japan, to his great nephew and massachusetts's newest congressman, joe kennedy, to the school of public service that bears the family name and teaches its young leaders how they too might pass the torch to a new generation. this is a legacy of a man who could have retreated to a life of luxury and ease but who chose to live a life in the arena, sailing sometimes against the wind, sometimes with it. that's why 50 years later, john f. kennedy stands for posterity as did he in life, young and bold and daring and he stays with us in our imagination, not because he left us too soon but because he embodied the character of the people that he led. resilient, resolute, fearless and fun-loving, defiant in the face of impossible odds, and most of all, determined to make the world anew. not settling for what is but rather for what might be. and in his idealism, his sober square jawed idealism, we are reminded that the power to change this country is ours. this afternoon michelle and i were joined by president clinton and secretary clinton to pay tribute to that proud legacy. and we had a chance to
Nov 21, 2013 4:00pm PST
in massachusetts where this happened and he is "outfront" with the latest. this story captured the country's attention just because of the bizarre, horrific nature of it. remime us what happened and what we're learning. >> it gets more horrific. if that can even happen. what we're learning, i'll tell you what happened. on october 22nd, he was in school. according to people who were there. he wasn't paying attention in class. and so miss ritzer kept him after school to make sure to try to help him. and then apparently she had to go to the bathroom. the bathroom was locked. she goes into the second floor student bathroom. he follows her in and that's when prosecutors say he killed her. that's when they believe he killed her. but they're saying tonight that he raped her and they're charging her with aggravated rape. that is a new develop many in this case. they're saying it is aggravated because they believe she suffered really almost mortal bodily, serious injuries during that rape or they charged with that that happen in the commission of another crime which is in the process of being murde
Nov 27, 2013 4:00pm PST
. it was based on a republican idea. we saw it roll out in massachusetts under governor romney. so this notion that somehow this is a liberal agenda is fantasy. putting that aside for a second, when you look at the mechanics of it, every bit policy when you roll out is going to have implementation issues, this is more severe because it's around a website. but that aside, you're going to have more significant signups as you get closer to the deadline. are there going to be people who are holding off who would rather pay the fine or somehow stay on their parent's coverage? yes. but if you're looking at some of the good news that's coming out, people with pre-existing conditions now can get health care coverage. families can now cover their young adults. you've got families who can get preventative health care, the cost curve is being bended down. there are positives that are being outweighed, unfortunately, by the negatives of this rollout. >> final word? >> actually, it looks like the cost curve is bending up. you've seen health care growth slow down since 2004, although it looks as though ther
Nov 5, 2013 4:00pm PST
is but it is by no means new york pitch no means, massachusetts. by no means even another state. it is still a relatively conservative state. but it is moving to the center. opinion of the president's health care law. 51%. so a majority of the voters today opposed the president's health care law. if the exit polls hold up, a democrat will win the governor's race even though they say they oppose obama care. let's move it over again. this is not a state clamoring for more government but it is a divide. government should do more. 46% say government should do more but a majority, 51% said the government is doing too much biffle no mean big a liberal state. but here's the lesson. if these polls hold up. if terry mcauliffe wins the race, this will be the conversation. the republican you just mentioned was identified with the tea party. also identified with some very conservative views on social issues. 52% of the voters today in the state of virginia said he was too conservative. the argument will be, did republicans nominate someone too far to the right? and among those who said he was too conservative, look
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)